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  • laroy


    Roy is currently enrolled in college and majoring in community organizing and event planning. Roy loves spending time with his baby brother and helping out at home. Roy hopes to pursue a future in local government.

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  • avery-ap-pittman-sr

    Avery “AP” Pittman Sr.

    Avery Pittman Sr. is the co-founder and inventor of the Original Scraper Bikes. Avery loves being hands on and turning ideas into innovating works of art such as creating what we know now to be a “Scraper Bike”. In 2015 Avery was suddenly taken away from us due to gun

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  • reginald-rb-burnette-jr

    Reginald “RB” Burnette Jr.

    RB currently sits as the Chief Operating Officer of the the Original Scraper Bike Team Inc.. RB seeks funding, build community partners, coordinate bike workshops, assist in community organizing events with the city of Oakland and the Oakland Public Library. When RB isn’t out putting in work for the Scraper

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  • tyrone-baybe-champ-stevenson-jr

    Tyrone “Baybe Champ” Stevenson Jr.

    Baybe Champ founded the Original Scraper Bike Team in 2005 with his cousin Avery. Since childhood these two would create what we call today a “Scraper Bike”. In 2007 Baybe Champ recorded a music video featuring the Trunk Boiz called Scraper Bikes. Since then Baybe Champ has evolved the backyard

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