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  • miguel-brian

    Miguel & Brian

    Miguel is currently in the 10th grade and loves agriculture and farming. When Migual isn’t helping new members make their Scraper Bikes he’s home playing video games with friends. He one day wants to own his a construction firm. Brian is currently in the 10th grade and loves agriculture and

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  • carlos


    Carlos is currently working full-time with his family business and works to support his family. When Carlos isn’t working in the family business or riding Scraper Bikes with the team he’s out cupcaking with his girlfriend.

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  • markes


    Markes is currently in the 8th grade and his favorite subject is computer coding. Markes favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors and his favorite player is Shaun Livingston. Markes one day wants to be apart of the law enforcement.

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  • hasan


    Hasan is currently in the 9th grade and loves to build bikes. Hasan recently experienced a tragic incident where he was shot at a house party with friends and family. Lets keep Hasan is our thoughts and prayers as he recovers from this life changing event. Hasan one day wants

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  • chuck


    Chuck is a high school graduate and is currently working in the landscaping field. Chuck loves to draw and sketch art. When Chuck isn’t working or drawing you can find him at a skate park hitting kickflips and ollies.

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  • anthony


    “Lil Ant” is a high school graduate who currently works 2 jobs and volunteer with the Scraper Bike Team on his free time. Lil Ants favorite things to do paint and make DONK Scraper Bikes. Lil Ant wants to one day become a bus driver.

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  • bobbie


    Bobbie is currently enrolled in college and majoring in photography and on the side cosmetology. Bobby is a true gamer and loves all PS4 video games. Bobbie one day hopes to live on an island with her husband and kids.

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  • rodney


    Rodney is currently seeking his GED after spending some time incarcerated. Rodney had a rough childhood and he find freedom riding with the Scraper Bike Team. Rodney oneday wants to be social worker to help kids with similar backgrounds as him.

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  • skylah


    Skylah is currently in the 3rd grade and the youngest girl of the Scraper Bike Team. Skylah favorite thing to do is ride her bike with big cousin Baybe Champ and eat salads. Skylah is also into gymnastics and cheerleading, her future is bright.

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  • james


    James is currently in the 10th grade and his favorite subject is economics. He loves riding bikes, chilling with his friends and family and mobbin with Scraper Bike Team. When James grows up he wants to open his business.

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