Team List

  • rodney


    Team Member

    Rodney is currently seeking his GED after spending some time incarcerated. Rodney had a rough childhood and he find freedom riding with the Scraper Bike Team. Rodney oneday wants to be social worker to help kids with similar backgrounds as him.

  • bobbie


    Team Member

    Bobbie is currently enrolled in college and majoring in photography and on the side cosmetology. Bobby is a true gamer and loves all PS4 video games. Bobbie one day hopes to live on an island with her husband and kids.

  • anthony


    Team Member

    “Lil Ant” is a high school graduate who currently works 2 jobs and volunteer with the Scraper Bike Team on his free time. Lil Ants favorite things to do paint and make DONK Scraper Bikes. Lil Ant wants to one day become a bus driver.

  • chuck


    Team Member

    Chuck is a high school graduate and is currently working in the landscaping field. Chuck loves to draw and sketch art. When Chuck isn\'t working or drawing you can find him at a skate park hitting kickflips and ollies.