Team List

  • lexandro


    Team Member

    Lex is a high school graduate who is currently working full-time to provide for his family. Lex favorite things are american muscle cars, tuning up car music systems and riding his custom 3 wheeled Scraper Bike.

  • woody


    Team Member

    Woody is a high school graduate currently seeking a profession in the entrepreneurship field. Wood is a man of many talents and has every tool you need to fix any problem you may have. Woody one day wants to open a his own automotive mechanic shop.

  • james


    Team Member

    James is currently in the 10th grade and his favorite subject is economics. He loves riding bikes, chilling with his friends and family and mobbin with Scraper Bike Team. When James grows up he wants to open his business.

  • skylah


    Team Member

    Skylah is currently in the 3rd grade and the youngest girl of the Scraper Bike Team. Skylah favorite thing to do is ride her bike with big cousin Baybe Champ and eat salads. Skylah is also into gymnastics and cheerleading, her future is bright.