Team List

  • davohn


    Team Member

    Davohn is currently in the 9th grade and loves to play football. In one varsity game Davohn scored 2 touchdowns with an interception to win their opening home game. When Davohn grows up he wants play for the National Football Association.

  • kory


    Team Member

    Kory is currently in the 2nd grade and one of the youngest members of the Scraper Bike Team. Kory love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, riding around with his big brother Kody and eating pizza! Kory wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

  • kody


    Team Member

    Kody is currently in the 4th grade and loves math. Kody has a rough total of 6 siblings and loves being a big brother to Kory. Kodys favorite things to is paint and ride his bike with the Scraper Bike Team. When Kory grows up he wants drive big rig truck across the country.

  • sunny


    Team Member

    Sunny is currently a high school graduate who plans to one day become a ______. Sunny loves to “Scraperize” his bike, vibe with his friends and family. Sunny is very proud of his country of Cambodia and rep it everywhere he go!