Team List

  • jr


    Team Member

    Jr. is currently enrolled in college majoring in criminal justice. His loves to play video games, go on bike rides and be a father to his 5 year old son. Jr. hopes to one day become a crime scene investigator.

  • richard


    Team Member

    Richard is currently enrolled in college and is majoring in Physical Science. When Richard grows up he would like to teach physical education to students in the Oakland public school district.

  • jordan


    Team Member

    Jordan is currently in the 5th grade and loves math. His favorite foods are pizza, lumpias, and pink Starburst. When Johnny grows up he wants to make a living painting custom cars.

  • george


    Team Member

    George is currently in the 7th grade and loves art. His favorite things to do is play videogames with his cousins, making Scraper Bikes and riding it with the Scraper Bike Team. When George grows up he wants to be a construction worker.