“Scraper Bikes For Life” Saves Lives in Oakland”


“Scraper Bikes For Life” Saves Lives in Oakland”

On this day, the bikers were special guests of Sony Pictures at a special event, tied to the release of the film, Premium Rush on Friday, August 24. The film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight), is a big-budget, PG-rated action-adventure thriller, tailor-made for the urban bicycling crowd. It’s big city, car-chase action, but with bikes. Gordon-Levitt’s character is a daredevil Manhattan bike messenger who rides a “fixie,” a customized bike with only one gear and no brakes. One of his deliveries leads him into an undercover world from which he must escape the only way he can–by pedaling furiously through city streets, dodging cars, taxis and pedestrians and riding like hell. The film reflects the growing nationwide interest in bicycling as both a pastime and a healthy way of life. Today, the occasion was the “Scraper Bikes for Life” contest, to determine which of these colorful mobile masterpieces would earn a special prize from the studio: a customized “fixie” by Republic Bikes, ridden by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt on the red carpet at the New York premiere of Premium Rush. (Disclosure: The author organized the “Scraper Bikes for Life” event.) (To read the full article, Click Link —> Huffington Post.com)

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